Well, we missed a September blogpost…but no there is a lot going on here and its the right time to discuss it with our fans and followers!

Our Kickstarter campaign is running strong. We encourage everyone to donate even a little bit towards the campaign and we are meditating like heaven that a large backer who loves Pittsburgh and urban farming and ultra-pure products and vacant land restoration and green space will come along and give us 50% of what we need – or maybe even 100%!! Please check out the great little video about the farm and consider backing

And the other big news…is that as the world gets to know our little tiny space in Pittsburgh, our product line is growing. Each year at Healcrest the space we have cultivated for herb production increases and the amount of product we can output increases. That in addition to serving more than just women – but the families they love and nourish – we have been expanding our line to include men and children in all capacities – from body care to internal wellness and whole food supplements. Also, in seeking to better align the products with the work and activity of Healcrest, we are making a name change to: The Healing Moon. 

With Healing at our root and the moon as our evening guidance and the symbol of the female we continue on to nurture women and to include their loved ones in the people who can find health and wholeness in natural beauty and medicine.

Our Etsy site will redirect at either the Vital Mother Moon, VitalMoon or TheHealingMoon handle and in the next few months you will find a completely new and exciting website that has Healcrest, our blog, our info and The Healing Moon products and info in a 1-stop shop! Look out people!

So take care in the cold everyone, think of green grass, beautiful flowers and warming sun as we approach our introspective winter!

Looking forward!




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