Urban Farm Internships

We are always looking for dedicated interns to work and grow in their gardening skills at Healcrest. Interns willing to build skills 20 hours per week with Healcrest are offered free room and board on the farm. Eligibility for the Internship requires the following:

1. Sending us an email: healcresturbanfarm@gmail.com

2. Describe your interest in interning with us

3. Provide us with a summary of your skills in farming & working with medicinal herbs

4. Attach your current resume with 3 references provided.

5. Like us on Facebook and Twitter!

6. You MUST be willing to provide 20 hours of service to Healcrest to receive room & board. Only 2 applicants are taken for this position each year.

You can volunteer anytime at Healcrest Urban Farms throughout the year starting in April (for seedling transplant/greenhouse management) November (harvest’s end). Just comment here at our blogspot or email us and let us know when you are available. We can set your volunteer hours to work with your schedule and yet still get some company/support from us!

We welcome you!



One response to “Urban Farm Internships

  1. thinking of coming to see you this Saturday as part of a couchsurfing.com invasion of Pittsburgh. what is your address?

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