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Garfield Heights Farm Stand!

Come on out Everyone…..corner of N.Aiken and Hillcrest Street!

In partnership with Garfield Community Farms!

Today and every Thursday until November


Produce List:

Green & Red Heirloom Tomatoes

Okra – the tenderess in town!



Heirloom Peppers – Sweet & Hot

Butternut, yellow and green squash

Amazing zucchinis!

Amaranth (Calalloo)

Collard Greens

All locally and organically grown!!

Come support!

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Rootz of Love

I wanted to send this post in thank you for all those who expended their time and energy in supporting Healcrest Urban Farm. First off, a thank you to Ras Menelik for setting up the amazing NYC performers, DJ Gringo and Tayazawan. All three Fari from NYC shared positive vibes with Healcrest and we appreciate their support of our humble urban farm and its workings.

Next I want to thank the amazing women who cooked the always nutritious and delicious vegan buffet: this year we enjoyed  the sip soup of homemade dumplings, potatoes, carrotz and cabbage paired with a green vegetable curry, coconut rice and peas, an avocado and tomato salad and finally topped it off with the delicious tropical apple salad!

Those applause should all go out to Samantha McDonough, Ella Gluckman, Sue and Kelly Dee!! We were efficient and thorough in our approach and execution! And yum for all we created from our bare hands! Thank you ladies and I still would like to bring you all out for the evening – where we don’t have to do the cooking!

Next up is our outreach director Kate Gittings – yes – Queen of the 412 she is! Kate got us our exposure, set-up the Farm and handled admissions the entire time. She was tireless and supportive and I can’t thank her enough.

Finally we have Bob Lampenfield or Dready Bob – as we affectionately call him – Bob’s friendship and muscles to the farm got the stage up and running, the DJ’s overdue equipment to the farm and everything broken down & hauled away in the end. We can’t thank him enough!

Providing outreach and events to our community around Healcrest is meant to display what is possible with vacant land in the City of Pittsburgh. Healcrest is a testament to years of hard work from myself, our local teen summer crews and countless volunteers to take once trash-strewn, blighted property and turn it into a functioning, productive and bountiful place of produce, herbs and fruit! It is also a hub of community to be outside together in a natural, green setting.

Thank you as well to Iris Baron for her beautiful jeweled creations, Julika, Milo and Lea for their supportive hours with Negus Tafari and all those who helped serve food and keep the farm clean during the event!

We hope you all enjoyed your time at Healcrest and we hope even more that you consider volunteering some of your time this summer/fall to support local food production and get our community farm to the next level.

Comment back here if you would like to join us in gardening together.

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