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When the sun gets hot and the moon gets hazy Good girls go bad


Summer rainbow over our pot of gold!

And we mean BAAADDDAAASSS!!!!

Us over here in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh have been working tail to head on our gardens. By the end of this post we have harvest 5lbs of rasberries, 2 quarts or more of gigantic sweet blackberries, lavender, chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint and we are just getting started!!!

Because of our good friends Jen and Jon – we have bees buzzing in their lovely hives, drinking up water and pollinating our crops! Apples and grapes are growing well this year and everything is in bloom!

Can’t wait for greenhouse tomatoes, celery, strawberries, okra, watermelon and fresh in the raised beds – swiss chard, summer squashes, more tomatoes,macha, sweet peppers and more! You can see we are over the hazy moon here at Healcrest!


Dried Lavender for final inspection

Dana, fresh off the job market – is taken her hours to cultivate Healcrest and get orders out on Etsy! If your a loyal Etsyian – feel free to email us or ask any question – we will surely answer you as swift as we can.

Remember to check out our products on Etsy

We planted brand new gardens to increase the amount of medicinal and culinary herbs we produce for our products and eventually for bulk sale. On our list now:

Lavender           Calendula

Borage             Bee Balm

Red Clover       Lemon Verbena

Rosemary        Sage

Chocolate Min   Mountain Mint

Spearmint       CatMint

CatNip             Motherwort

Mugwort         Mullein

Lemon Balm   Rugosa Rose

Rasberry Leaf  Blackberry Leaf

Bamboo Leaf   Chamomile

Chaste Berry   Nettles


And the amounts we have of this will just expand each year! Now please enjoy the pictures as they tell the 1000 words better than I ever could!


May Red Clover Harvest with toddler farmer


Mint, Lavender, Mullein and Greenhouse!

First summer harvest of herbs

Brand new herb garden being irrigated

Into the dryer the red clover goes!

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