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Gettin’ Organized!!

Gettin' Organized!!

We have a great crew this season! It is wonderful to have several dedicated and miipassioned interns and partners.

Our little collective is getting a lot accomplished and getting everything ready for an abundant 2013!

WELCOME Cat, Rachel, Michelle, Meg, Dana, Natalya, Buggy, and welcome back Jen and John for another great season!

With even more people contacting us with interest, we are excited for this new surge in energy…synergy!

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April 8, 2013 · 10:36 pm

COME AND GET IT! Artisanal Tea and Tea-pops in YINZ Neighborhood!!


Spring is HERE! And we are Excited to bring you our delicious treats! Please Join US for locally-grown, herbal tea, tea-pops and more!

Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

The event list is getting longer! Please stop by and try a tea-pop and get some tea! OUR FIRST PUBLIC POPS PRESENTATION!! At Pittsburgh Public Market April 12-14th! We are so excited to share these special treats with you!

  • APR 12-14th – Tea-Pop Shop, 2nd Weekend of the Month (beginning in April) @Pittsburgh Public Market Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA
  • APR 13-14th – I Made It! Market at Tanger Outlets, Washington County
  • APR 20thTea-Pop Shop & Market IMI Market Jr. + Healthy Living @Bakery Square, Pittsburgh, PA
  • MAY 4th – Tea-Pop Shop, The Waldorf School “May Fair”  11-4pm
  • MAY 10-12th – Tea-Pop Shop, 2nd Weekend of the Month @Pittsburgh Public Market Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA
  • JUNE 1st – Tea-Pop Shop & Market  @Bryant Street Festival, Highland Park, Pittsburgh, PA
  • JUNE 7-9th – Tea-Pop Shop, 2nd Weekend of the Month @Pittsburgh Public Market Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA
  • JUNE 23rd – Tea-Pop Shop & Market, Spirit Fair @Sterling Yoga 2-7pm, Dormont, PA
  • SEP 21stTea-Pop Shop & Market @Mother Earth News Festival, Seven Springs, PA
  • SEP 29th, 11am-4pm – Market @Green Innovation Festival, Hartwood Acres, PA

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April 2, 2013 · 8:41 pm

ANNOUNCING! The Healcrest Urban Farm Tea-pop Shop!

ANNOUNCING! The Healcrest Tea-pop Shop!

ImageLast year Maria Graziani had an inspired idea, what if we combine tea, herbs, fruit, berries, and delicious sweetness in a frozen treat. After some tasty and not-so tasty experimentation Healcrest tea-pops were created. With growing interest in healthy treats, artisanal food, and locally grown produce, things we love in great quantities at Healcrest, we thought what a wonderful novelty item for Pittsburghers to enjoy this coming summer.

Well, WE DID IT!

ImageWe are ecstatic and elated to announce the arrival of the Healcrest Urban Farm cold-plate push cart! With the help from friends and supporters at Awesome Pittsburgh, CatapultPGH and KivaZip Micro-Lending, we made the BIG acquisition. You will recognize it as your standard ice cream or Italian ice cart, locate us by umbrella at your favorite event!

Try all of our seasonal flavors!

Please follow more of this story and watch Healcrest in the NEWS on Pittsburgh’s KDKA and in The Bloomfield-Garfield Bulletin

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Full Spring Ahead

Kale…..mesclun mix…..beets….grapes…..strawberries…rasberries…..lavender…..lemon balm….bamboo…..beans….sage…motherwort….peppermint….catmint…rhubarb….comfrey….mullein….rue….red roses….rosemary……oregano….mugwort….asparagus….okra….apples…..peaches….

What do they have in common?

They are all growing tremendously at Healcrest Urban Farm in Garfield Heights, Pittsburgh!!

Spicy Salad Mix with Arugula, Cilantro and tender lettuces

Kale, getting ready for a thinning so it can have space!
Bamboo Leaf Harvest #1

We have several projects happening at Healcrest: Fence repair, compost application around fruit trees and grape vine, seedling transplants, tilling, and mulching!

This Saturday, May 14th we will have some great volunteers out from 9am-1pm! Please try and join us for some outdoor gardening at your local organic farm – there is major spring prep to be done and all are welcome!
We have two great pieces of news for our followers as well…..
We are partnering with a local flower grower, who will be growing on one of our spots at Healcrest this year! I will get more information on their business and do a blog post to let everyone know!
Also we have brought on a garden support person, Ms Annie Derek. She will be helping me out with some general maintenance and care of the farm, we get along smashingly and Negus Tafari loves her as well! I will also do a blog post on Ms Annie as well, once we get some pics of her!
Finally, we plan to sell a lot of our herbs wholesale/bulk on the website and to increase our overall web and community presence around the value-added products created from the luscious herbs on the farm. Healcrest is focused on these spectacular products and less on food production – if you want to eat our produce you have to put some back labor into volunteer time! You can support us best by purchasing your herbal, natural wellness products at www.vitalmothermoon.com or at www.vitalmoon.etsy.com!
We hope to see people out on Saturday for the volunteer day – coffee and healthy snacks on us!

Happy Earthstrong Lalibella!!

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Feeling spring

The groundhog is a Pennsylvania thing, still attached to the pinnings of mother nature we stand firm in traditions of shadows & light, earth & sky. Today of all days feels a bit like spring. So is this why Phil said spring is coming! Just his feeling for today? Check out the Washington post commentary…

After a short break in California we feel rejuvenated here and the sun seems to have followed us back. I don’t mind the cold if the sun is resting on our cheeks. Feeling inspired by the ocean breeze and beautiful grounds with eucalyptus & jade, lavender & Rosemary growing with ease. We spent some time with chickens in the back yard & watching them lay their eggs.

I ponder the coming year for Healcrest & how we might make this space the oasis it is meant to be. Lively with people, home to chickens & other small animals, teeming with herbs & fruits & vegetables.

We are looking now at some small sources of funding to get the farm the infrastructure & staff it needs to bloom.

A fundraiser is being planned for early spring & any support we can gather would be exciting! Please let us know if you can play a role in helping to plan our spring event! Musicians, gardeners, marketing savvy peeps & all are welcome.

Here are some pics of southern Cali to warm your heart & inspire your mind!

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Seedlings are growing like crazy and the season has really begun. We have a great spring weather here – a nice mix of rain, a little chill, some very warm sunny days and everything has started to sprout! Lavender and sage are budding for the season and we picked our first harvest of asparagus – oh so sweet and crunchy!Today’s adventures include showing our dear friend Niko Gomez, constructor extraordinaire, the plans for the green house endwalls. He will help us finish our 40’x17′ hoophouse off with enclosed, double-door walls so that we don’t have plastic ends – and more for the local kids to have fun ripping to shreds! The perils of urban growing….

Also our beloved community farmer here for his 2nd year of growing, Jahques, helped dig out a new flower bed and cover up some knotweed. The best part though is that while he was swinging that pic-axe my 6 month old son, Negus, gave us 5 solid minutes of belly laughing, as that was the funniest thing to him!!! So we are on our way with springtime preparations and ready for our 5th year of urban farm fun!

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