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The EVE (Enlightened Voices for the Environment, http://www.cvvc.org/eveproject.php) Circle joined Healcrest earlier in the year but I was unable to post pictures, as they came from an amazing photographer and were originally posted in the Heinz Endowments Annual Report.

Well, these amazing women joined Healcrest again last evening for a fall dinner and discussion. We sat around the quiet farm as the sun was setting and enjoyed an amazing meal from Tana Ethiopian http://www.tanaethiopiancuisine.com/, as we shared our stories of health and wellness. These amazing women have come together through the invitation of Laverne Baker-Hotep (Well Woman Radio, Peace it Together Pittsburgh), http://www.cvvc.org/radio.php,

Together we share resources on environmental health, local and fresh foods and healthy eating, spiritual support for body, mind and soul and create a community of women that can take this information out to their families, their community and their city to ensure that women of color are on the forefront of the green movement!

This evening the women shared the beauty of Healcrest Urban Farms with garden tours, where we smelled and tasted all the delicious herbs sprouting in the gardens – asparagus, lemon balm, oregano, thyme, sage and lavender. We also munched on fresh chives and chocolate mint!

The women also buckled down and prepared two new gardens for seeding – together they planted okra and cabbage for this coming 2010 season.

Finally, as the sun was setting we shared in our Peace Meal of delicious grilled tofu for the Vegan’s and grilled chicken and a fresh crisp garden salad for all by Ola Catering and Rice and Cabbage by Tana’s Ethiopian.

It was an amazing time with this phenomenal group and we hope the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship. All EVE women are invited to continue to grow together at Healcrest. Peace and Blessings to our beautiful EVE women and children!


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