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Fresh Fare

We are starting to see a real abundance here at Healcrest. The greenhouse has produced deliciously sweet and crisp green peas, a lovely arugula and mesclun lettuce mix, dinosaur kale (that has now become kale chips) and really good-sized red beets, italian flat parsley and genovese basil – yum. With these beauties you can make an amazing pesto, blanched and seasoned kale (or the kale chips), steam beets or borscht and have an amazing salad on the side.


My little helper has been doing an amazing job on our rasberry bushes. He has learned to pick the big red ripe ones and fill his belly. And when he tires of that, he finds the bucket I am dropping my picks into, and I find 1/4 of the bucket gone! Amazing he hasn’t turned into a rasberry by now!

So the farm at this time is a ton of work. The rain/sun combo makes it a lush jungle here  – hard to believe we are smack in the east end of a major metro area. But with years now of planting herb and food seeds, we get enormous growth. Everything from bamboo, to mugwort, roses, chaste-tree, comfrey, columbines, apple trees, grapevines, mullein, bee balms, oak and maples, mulberry trees, blackberry vines – well we are in abundance but often fighting back the growth! The birds are in abundance, we see hawks and falcons, we have ground animals to keep out, snakes, worms, bunnies and deer. It was my dream to make this place a haven of nature, a sanctuary in the midst of the city. It is becoming that each year!

I am in great need of an arborist. So if anyone out there knows or is one, willing to donate some time to our urban farming endeavors – please contact us here by making a comment – or through our website – www.healcrest.com. We have an old apple tree that needs

Kale, basil, parsley

some major love and by the time it stops fruiting, I want to be prepared to give a major trim. We have new baby apple trees sprouting and our older-timer needs to share some space (and produce on some lower limbs – so we can actually reach the apples!!!)

So here are some great pics of our produce and other joyous times on the farm. Tomatoes, squash, okra, beets, asparagus, peppers are all following soon (you should see them in the late July/August post)

Like always, families, gardeners, and fellow Pgh neighbors are welcome to volunteer! Subscribe to this blog and you will get that automatic inspiration!

Any WWOOFers out there as well who want to rough it in Pgh – we have plenty of flat space for camping and could use the helping hands.

Aba & I are working on the garden fence!


Peas are yummy!

Organic rasberries fresh from the urban farm!

Raw Kale chips - crisp from the dehydrator!

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Full Spring Ahead

Kale…..mesclun mix…..beets….grapes…..strawberries…rasberries…..lavender…..lemon balm….bamboo…..beans….sage…motherwort….peppermint….catmint…rhubarb….comfrey….mullein….rue….red roses….rosemary……oregano….mugwort….asparagus….okra….apples…..peaches….

What do they have in common?

They are all growing tremendously at Healcrest Urban Farm in Garfield Heights, Pittsburgh!!

Spicy Salad Mix with Arugula, Cilantro and tender lettuces

Kale, getting ready for a thinning so it can have space!
Bamboo Leaf Harvest #1

We have several projects happening at Healcrest: Fence repair, compost application around fruit trees and grape vine, seedling transplants, tilling, and mulching!

This Saturday, May 14th we will have some great volunteers out from 9am-1pm! Please try and join us for some outdoor gardening at your local organic farm – there is major spring prep to be done and all are welcome!
We have two great pieces of news for our followers as well…..
We are partnering with a local flower grower, who will be growing on one of our spots at Healcrest this year! I will get more information on their business and do a blog post to let everyone know!
Also we have brought on a garden support person, Ms Annie Derek. She will be helping me out with some general maintenance and care of the farm, we get along smashingly and Negus Tafari loves her as well! I will also do a blog post on Ms Annie as well, once we get some pics of her!
Finally, we plan to sell a lot of our herbs wholesale/bulk on the website and to increase our overall web and community presence around the value-added products created from the luscious herbs on the farm. Healcrest is focused on these spectacular products and less on food production – if you want to eat our produce you have to put some back labor into volunteer time! You can support us best by purchasing your herbal, natural wellness products at www.vitalmothermoon.com or at www.vitalmoon.etsy.com!
We hope to see people out on Saturday for the volunteer day – coffee and healthy snacks on us!

Happy Earthstrong Lalibella!!

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