Everything is SPRINGing back to life!

It’s spring and I’m silly. Sunshine and warmth make me giddy and a little drunk on all the vitamin D. Spring fever is finally over and it feels as if Persephone has returned from the underworld to stay…for now.

Everything is waking up at Healcrest. In a face paced life 3 weeks can seem like a blink so in a blink the leaves have unfolded, blossoms have popped out and bloomed, birds, bugs, and bushwhackers everywhere are buzzing and humming. 


I love Spring. Everything emerges from the slumber and is excited to be warm and sunny. Throughout winter most of us have our issues with the cold, dark, slow moving way of the season. 

As if we’ve never experienced the seasonal cycle we discuss winter like it has no business being around. “Who invited her? She’s such a bore and downer.” We treat winter as an aquaintence or co-worker we don’t really want to spend time with but will be forced to, repeatedly, year after year.

I love Winter also. She reminds us to slow down, harvest and take stock of life. The chill forces us to hold closer the ones we love. It’s a special time of gestation and hibernation. I’m pretty sure the other mammals laugh at us between naps. “Those silly human running around. Don’t they know it’s cold and time to sleep more.” I lobby for longer sleep nights and a shorter work week in the winter. Holla if ya hear me!

I love Spring in its stretching gotta get to work behavior. The flowers all around remind us life is beautiful. And everything is getting busy in all the ways you get busy. The natural world is buzzing with sexual energy. Pollination, fruit, fecundity, sex. Our world is a sexy place and Spring is certainly a sexy time. Enjoy the first fruits of the season as their juices drop down your chin.

                 I’m so thankful for the ability to experience such beauty and excitement. I grateful to hear the bird songs, mixed with motorcycle revs, and children’s laughter. 

Life is so abundant. The lack of winter makes me appreciate the abundance and vibrancy of spring. 

May all your days be filled with abundance, joy, and wonder.

With love,


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