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Serious work

A Healcrest Farm to do list. I thought it would be of interest to know what it takes to get an urban farm up and running in the spring (and maybe overall). Volunteers keep your ears perked! Some of course are long term goals and some short.

  1. Get running water and figure out how you are going to afford the bill
  2. Find a good (& accessible) place to start your seedlings and nurture them until they are strong
  3. Build a greenhouse if you live in the northeast
  4. Clean up the spiral garden – this may actually happen tomorrow!
  5. Get electricity and figure out how you are going to afford the bill!
  6. Get all that soil turned over
  7. Build your own compost – lots of it! I have a plan people
  8. Nurture, nurture, nurture all that you are growing
  9. Cut the grass
  10. EM the new garden
  11. Plant sunflowers in the new garden
  12. Rebrick the berry garden
  13. Take cuttings from the sage – lavender – thyme – oregano, rootgrowth and transplant (ask the Rastamen for their wise insight if you do not know)
  14. Cut the grass again
  15. Fix the bamboo fence
  16. Love (and communicate with) your neighbor
  17. Build shelves in the greenhouse
  18. Make nice with the greenhouse snake – may she mash out all the potential rodents.
  19. Lay out good strong plans that bring in good big grants and solid, long-term partnerships  – sounds like real  life.
  20. Cut the grass again
  21. Let the babies help you out
  22. Turn the soil over again
  23. In between it all weed out the overgrowth, the poisonous, the unusable….this will keep you focused on the fruit of your labors.

Happy growing everyone!

By the way – this is the greenhouse resident garden snake. Keep her peace and your distance – she has an important job.

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