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Aaah the greenhouse

My hands have scratch marks the length of pens and I look like I crawled under barbed-wire, but aaah the greenhouse is up and almost running! Such a big step for Healcrest. Niko did a fine job on the end walls and my scratches are due to placing poultry wire along the length of the interior, unfortunately in an attempt to keep out those wanting to thieve our future produce. I hope no one endeavors, but if they do I hope it is because they really do need food.

We are definitely in need of volunteers this coming week to help do this list – check it out and see if you have a little time to support your local urban farm….

  • Get plastic up on and around the greenhouse – a 3-4 person job
  • Turn over the soil and get it nice and soft in the I-original Garden – a 3-4 person job
  • Make new ornamental beds in front of I-orginal Garden with our existing field-stone pile
  • Organize the shed!!!! We would all function better if it was kept ORGANIZED – ok nevermind -I will be responsible for this.

You know if you volunteer a minimum of 2 hours per week – you take home veggies when they are in season – right now you could be enjoying asparagus, thyme, sage, lemon balm, chives, and heirloom onions! Soon you could also be enjoying, rasberries, strawberries, okra, collards, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, squash, pumpkin!

So big thank you to our Contractor extraordinaire and Pittsburgh Community Services Incorporated (http://www.pghcsi.org/) for sponsoring our greenhouse and new Roots Women garden!

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