Seedlings are growing like crazy and the season has really begun. We have a great spring weather here – a nice mix of rain, a little chill, some very warm sunny days and everything has started to sprout! Lavender and sage are budding for the season and we picked our first harvest of asparagus – oh so sweet and crunchy!Today’s adventures include showing our dear friend Niko Gomez, constructor extraordinaire, the plans for the green house endwalls. He will help us finish our 40’x17′ hoophouse off with enclosed, double-door walls so that we don’t have plastic ends – and more for the local kids to have fun ripping to shreds! The perils of urban growing….

Also our beloved community farmer here for his 2nd year of growing, Jahques, helped dig out a new flower bed and cover up some knotweed. The best part though is that while he was swinging that pic-axe my 6 month old son, Negus, gave us 5 solid minutes of belly laughing, as that was the funniest thing to him!!! So we are on our way with springtime preparations and ready for our 5th year of urban farm fun!

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