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I wanted to thank all of you who have come out so far to support our work. Each and every person who has given time to prepare the gardens for spring planting have been a tremendous support.

For all those still interested in creating community around local food and farming – there are big things ahead for Healcrest- and you are never too late to get started.

Do you need a space to grow your own vegetables?

Are you looking to connect with other gardeners – be it gardening mothers and children, interesting neighbors who love local food, environmentalists and health advocates, regular working folk of young and old who want to connect and grow together?

There are a diverse group of people who join us every year to grow food together.

It doesn’t take much – comment on the Blog – friend us on Facebook – or send us an email



…and just let us know you would like to join us as a Community Farmer – and tell us which open day you are coming out!

From there we can get growing together – for your family, ours and the whole East End Community.

Volunteers options are:

Tues or Thurs       10am-12noon

Sat. or Sun        11am-2pm

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